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Erase Issue with MK10FX512

Question asked by Ali2006 on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2017 by Hui_Ma

I'm currently using the MK10FX512 device in an application for which we are in the prototype stage.  We have 15 controllers operating but one of those controllers has just started to Fail during the Erase of addresses in the D-Flash section of the memory map starting at 0x10038000.  We currently do not have any code at this location.  We are using the FLEXNVM feature of the chip and have the DEPART set to 0x04. (448K d-Flash, 64K EEPROM Backup)   and the EESIZE set to 0x02 (4K).  EESPLIT is st to 0x00 which gives two section 1/8 and 7/8ths.   While the MK10FX512 datasheet does not explicity state that EESPLIT is available I did have this confirmed in a previous post.   The problem we are having is that the controller currently just hangs waiting for the CCIF bit in the FSTAT register.    This code we are using in this unit is identical to the code we have been using for years to erase/program the flash.  The effected board DOES properly erase all the flash in the p-flash area, as well as all locations below 0x10038000 in the dflash.  When I try to erase this address that is when the code fails.  I have not determined if I am able to erase any other addresses above this location at this time.  we did just recently re-partition this device from a 2K EEPROM to a 4K EEPROM size.  We did a full Mass erase from the PE programming pod and then re-partitioned the device.