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Internal VREG temperature sensor offset (S12ZVML31)

Question asked by igor pepelyaev on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2017 by igor pepelyaev

Dear Sir or Madam,

I need your help for internal VREG temperature sensor offset at S12ZVML31.

According to the family reference manual v.2.11:

VHT(temp) = VHT(150) - (150 - temp) * dVHT

VHT(150) = 2,4V

dVHT = 5,25mV/C

Voltage regulator uses external bipolar transistor.

Sensor (untrimmed) output signal always has offset 38C (At 30C shows -2C)

Sensor (trimmed with 0x88) output signal always has Offset 18C (At 30C shows 12C)

Sensor (trimmed with 0x8F) output signal is nearly perfect.

According to the reference manual at untrimmed sensor VHT(150) should be 2,4V which is not the case.

Why does VHT(150) deviates from reference manual?

Could VHT(150) deviate from one S12ZVML31 to another?

What is possible to do with it?

Could bandgap reference voltage be somehow used for temperature sensor calibration?


Best Regards