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LPC54102 Debug Issue: SWD Configuration devices not detected

Question asked by Pedro Martinez Lopez on May 19, 2017
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I am starting with the LPCXpresso54102 Evaluation Board OM13077.


- The board is recognized as shown in the image below

- I am using LPCXpresso IDE 8.2.2 with the example package 3.03.

- JP1 is open

- JP5 is shunted to use Relink protocol

- USB is connected to J6 (I tried in both USB3.0 and USB2.0 ports)

- The emulator is found.

- Project configuration is set to Debug

- All debug sessions are terminated and killed by looking for any redlinkserv or crt_emu_cm_redlink processes active

periph_blinky and periph_timer project works


Now, I'm trying to run the multicore blinky projects as described in this tutorial.


1. I build both lpc_board_lpcxpresso_54102 and lpc_chip_5410x projects.

2. I build multicore_m4master_blinky project

3. I debug multicore_m4master_blinky project. Debugging shows no erros. Execution stops at line 156 ("int loop = 1; /* Fixes unreachable statement warning */") Note: No SWD configuration window appears, I don't select Cortex M4 as the device.

4. I resume to the breakpoint set at line 207 ("Chip_CPU_CM0Boot(jumpAddr, stackAddr);")

5. I try to build multicore_m0slave_blinky

6. SWD Configuration window appears where no devices are detected.






Sometimes I also get the "No source available for "0x30002da" error.


"Redlinkserver log:

Probe Type = CMSIS-DAP
Probe Reference Count = 0


Thank you in advance,

PS. I've already seen this question SWD configuration both devices not shown