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How to examine startup-code and bootloader of linux Yocto?

Question asked by Paul Hilt on May 19, 2017


I am building a trusted execution environment on IMX6Q with a Linux Yocto version in the untrusted processor mode. When I switch to non-secure for the first time after reset to load the linux kernel, I am flooded with data and prefetch abort exceptions as soon as I jump to the kernels bootloader.It also seems like, that those exceptions occur as soon as the MMU is switched on.

Booting the Kernel without changing to non-secure state works fine.

Is it possible, that the control bits of the non-secure copy of the first-stage page tables are written with the NS-Bit cleared which causes the MMU to refuse any access to those regions ?


Where can I find the startup code that is setting up the page tables in the Yocto-BSP for IMX6Q ?

How can I debug the Linux Bootloader?

Is it possible to simply change source code of the bootloader in the build-directory of the BSP and rebuild the image?


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