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Relocating code in flash during runtime and branching there

Question asked by Michael Koller on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by Michael Koller

Hey, folks!

I have a bootloader project, where I have all the code in the address space 0x0000-0x3999 and above that is the app space, which we can assume to be empty for now.

What I want to do is start the bootloader (which is flashed to the mcu like usual), make itself copy to another memory space, then jump to the copied code and run from there (and keep running, even if I erase everything in the original bootloader space).

I understand that there are different segments, where 0x0 to 0x399 are vectors, 0x410 to somewhere below 0x4000 is program code and so on.


What I want to do is to start the program in the bootloader space. I compile the project with the -fPIC (position independent code) flag and flash it to the mcu. I also have disabled interrupts (disable_irq()).

During runtime the code in the bootloader space gets copied one to one to the app space, starting at 0x4000.


The next thing is how I jump to the new app. Therefore I have another project, where I have set the segment addresses accordingly (0x4000 for vectors, 0x4410 for m_text, etc.). Then I also flash that program, but to the app space. In my bootloader program I now build a function call to enter the app from the value that is stored at the (app start adress +4), the initial program counter. then I execute that function and now I am in the app. So I know, that this is a way to branch to another application, that is stored in flash besides the bootloader.


But what do I have to change in the vector table of the copied bootloader in the app space so that I can successfully jump there? I tried adding the the app start adress to every vector, except the msp at 0x0 (0x4000 in app space).


I would appreciate any pointers in the right direction and hope that I have formulated my question somewhat understandably.