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LWADC sample in MAC57D (Halo)

Question asked by Oliver Tian Employee on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by Oliver Tian


   I tried the LWADC project under MAC57D(Halo) BSP, based on MQX4.2 which is released on website.

   It could be compiled and downloaded. After run, the code is stalled at

  '     while ((adc_ptr->MSR & ADC_MSR_ADCSTATUS_MASK) != ADC_MSR_ADCSTATUS_IDLE) {};'

 in 'static void _lwadc_restart(ADC_CONTEXT_PTR context_ptr)' function.



I checked the MSR and it's 0x5 which is out of specification.

Can you check which should be modified in the BSP to run it correctly?