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How to get started with BLE FRDMKW41Z

Discussion created by Cory Perkins on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by Gerardo Rodríguez

I have been having some difficulty starting my own BLE project using MCUXpresso IDE.  


I first built an SDK using the MCUXpresso SDK builder following the same process suggested in I made sure to select BLE in the middleware selection when following this process.  


Unfortunately, when I use the "New Project" wizard I don't see any option of including any of the BLE drivers or any files that grant me access to the BLE API.  


I can import a sample project from the SDK which does include the necessary files to invoke BLE functionality.  These are located in project_root/bluetooth/ , project_root/source/gatt_db.h, and project_root/source/gatt_uuid128.h I can compile these projects and run them on my hardware and the ble functionality works great.


So I know that the ble stack files exist within the SDK, I just don't know how to get them into my new project with the new project wizard (If that is even possible)


I can copy and paste these files into my project, but I haven't found a way to view or edit the makefile.  In fact, even when looking at the contents of the directory generated by the new project wizard directly, no makefile can be found.  I assume then that MCUXpresso has some internal solution that is built into the .CPROJECT file.  


I am hoping that I am just missing some option while using the New Project wizard, but I might be missing some other detail here.


So Ultimately my questions are as follows:
1. How can I get the BLE stack files into my project using the New Project Wizard in MCUXpresso IDE

2. Failing that, how can I modify the "makefile" to include files that I copy and paste into my project from elsewhere


In case it is of any help in answering the question, my SDK is built for the frdmkw41z and I have also included freertos.


Thanks so much for any replies!