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Can ESAI be used as four independent sound cards or sound devices?

Question asked by 磊 葛 on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by Justin Jiang

Hi NXP engineers,

In the current imx6_sabreauto demo board, ESAI is used with CS42888 as 1 audio card, ESAI_TX0/TX1/TX2_RX3/TX3_RX2 four pins are used to transmit audio data. But as you know, most of the musics are 2 channels,  if use esai to transmit 2 channels audio data, TX1/TX2_RX3/TX3_RX2 three pins are not used.

Is there a way to use ESAI as four 2-channels audio card(each card can work independently), or 1 audio card with four audio devices(each device can work independently)? We need a solution of this in the Kernel space, not in the user space.



Kernel version: 3.14.52.

Our board needs to use 5 sound cards,  but now only 4 I2S controllers are available: 3*SSI + ESAI, so we want to know if ESAI can be used as multi independent sound cards or sound devices? Lily ZhangJun Zhu jimmychan



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