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MAC57D5_J-Link: Can not connect to the Target

Question asked by Asad Ullah on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2017 by Blaz Kraker

I am trying to get the MAC57D5 running but I haven't been lucky so far. I have tried to put FreeRTOS by mobilya in Cortex M4 of the MAC57D5 using s32 design studio using J-Link, but it generates error saying: Could not connect to Target. I would also like to ask if it is at all possible to flash MAC57D5 using J-Link since MAC57D5 is not mentioned in the list of supported devices despite the fact that the NXP webpage for MAC57D5 has mentioned J-Link under compatible Debug probes.

I would really appreciate if someone could pitch in some suggestion.




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