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I can not connect my LS1012A target board with CodeWarrior TAP(code warrior 11.2.3).

Question asked by Toshiyuki Maekawa on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by shyam baldha


I got CodeWarrior TAP(CWH-CTP-BASE-HE) and CWH-CTP-CTX10-YE and connected to the JTAG port of my LS1012A target board.
But CodeWarrior couldn't find LS1012A.


This is Information about situation.
- We connected Host computer to CodeWarrior TAP by USB cable. (No connect Ethernet cable)
- TX/RX LED blinking green. (during connect to LS1012A, LED blink red.)
- after target board power on, RUN/PAUSE LED is red.
- Connection Diagnostics of CodeWarrior says "no user-defined tests found".


- Number of Soc is LS1012ASN7HKA.
- Core and Platform voltage     : 0.9V is OK
- PLL supply voltage            : 1.8V is OK
- Oscillator PLL supply voltage : 1.35V is OK
- SerDes PLL supply voltage     : 1.35V is OK
- O1VDD, O2VDD voltage          : 1.8V is OK
- EVDD voltage                  : 3.3V is OK
- DDR3L DRAM I/O voltage        : 1.35V is OK
- XTAL IO and osc supply voltage: 1.8V is OK
- XOSC PLLvoltage               : 0.9V is OK
- Power Supply up sequence is within recommended.
- Input clock is 25MHz square wave to EXTAL pin.
- PBL load from 2bit QSPI Flash ROM. (Now QSPI is blank.)
      cfg_eng_use(UART1_SOUT)       : pullup 4.7kohm to 1.8V
      cfg_eng_use2(QSPI_A_DATA0)    : pullup 4.7kohm to 1.8V
      cfg_func_backup(QSPI_A_DATA1) : pulldown 4.7kohm to GND
      cfg_sysclk_sel(QSPI_A_CS0)    : pulldown 4.7kohm to GND
- After PORESET_B is nagated, LS1012A start to read PBL from 2bit-QSPI. (QSPI_A_SCK is clocking)
      PORESET_B continues to be asserted for 240ms after the start of all power supplies.


When observing the signal of the JTAG port with an oscilloscope, the state of each signal is as follows.
- TMS  : change "H" and "L"
- TDI  : change "H" and "L"
- TCK  : 20kHz clocking during connect
- TDO  : stable "L"
- TRST : stable "H"


I really need your help.