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LCD Logo is not clear in Linux Kernel-3.10.53 imx6 sololite

Question asked by himabindu on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2017 by himabindu

Hi Team,


   Currently I am working on I.MX6 Sololite Linux kernel Version-3.10.53.The Frame Buffer Driver mxc_elcdif_fb.c  is not present in this kernel Version. So as per the Reference Manual i am using the mxsfb.c source file instead of  mxc_elcdif_fb.c . The Display Timings and Clock Frequency are being passed correctly as per the Datasheet. Iam able to get the Logo but in reverse and the pixels are getting overlapped. Kindly help me to resolve the issue as early as possible.


Display Timings Passed in imx6sl-evk.dts are 320*240(Hactive,Vactive), 68(HBP),20(HFP),8(VBP),2(HFP),2(Hsync_Len),1(Vsync_Len) and de-active bit as 1.

Clock Frequency is 19.5MHz

Frame Driver Source File Followed: drivers/video/mxsfb.c






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