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Strange behavior at power-up - URGENT

Question asked by Gaurav Banyal on May 18, 2017
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Following is what I observe with the FRDM-KL03Z board and the SDK2.0 example "power_mode_switch". I compile the software and flash it to the device. Then I press the SWI to see the UART prints. Problem is, the MCU seems to reset a few times and then stops resetting. Please refer to the video. 


In my custom software for an MKL03Z32 which is on a custom board, the effect is even more profound. The resetting never stops. The issue is that when I power-up the device, the code should take it to VLLS0 state and wait for an interrupt to wake it up. Because of this resetting issue, it never goes to VLLS0 and therefore the power consumption is very high. Another observation is when during the resetting I create that interrupt source and make the code flow path change from that power-up -> reset -> power-up flow, the next when time the MCU goes to VLLS0, it stays there. Similar is the observation on the FRDM board. Once when I have for example used VLLS3 mode and woken up using the SW2 and the execution goes to the place where it again asks for user input, it stays there.


Could you please help me on priority on this one? I am supposed to do a demo with my software but this issue is killing the whole thing.


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