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Data in DFLASH

Question asked by Bengt Andersson on May 18, 2017
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I'm planning to put some data in the dflash of SPC5602B and for that reason creating some variables with addresses starting from 0x00800000.


I have created a new memory area in the LCF:

dFlash_sector0: org = 0x00800000, len = 0x00004000


and created a section:



.__DflashStorage : {}

} > dFlash_sector0


in .c file:

#pragma push /* Save the current state */

#pragma section const_type ".__DflashStorage"

__declspec(section ".__DflashStorage") char my_data;

char my_data;

#pragma pop


When trying to compile this I get the error :

section '.__DflashStorage' must have an uninitialized data section for object 'nodeIdDflash'


I don't know if I have done a minor error or if the approach is totally wrong.


Best Regards

Bengt Andersson