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RFID - anti-counterfeiting

Question asked by Thomas De Gussem on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by Kan_Li

I'm doing a product design for mass production where RFID tags would be introduced into consumables as brand protection and consumable quality validation.

An obvious fear is counterfeiting: reading and cloning of a RFID tag, enabling the counterfeiter to produce consumables that are recognised as original.


A password-protected region would do the job of storing encrypted information. Where every RFID would have a password linked to the unique ID of the chip. (so if 1 password is 'sniffed', it is not valid for other RFID's)


However, it is possible to counterfeit RFID's, and make them appear as original TI 'NTAG' products?

Would this be a TI copyright infridgement, where the counterfitter is liable also for TI unlegal copies? 


Mifare (& Desfire) chips have encryption, but the product scope is mass production, where costs at consumable side should be minimal.


1. Is TI activly looking for counterfitting on their tags?

2. Anyone having experience with techniques to have a cost-effecient anti-counterfitting protocol in RFID?