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How can I configure pulse counter by timer?

Question asked by LEE Young Jae on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by Steven Jin

How can I configure pulse counter by timer?


Test Board : LPC-Link2. (MCU : LPC4370)

Develop Env : LPCXpresso

Example Code : LPC Open

Target : 8MHz Pulse counter by timer )


I am trying make pulse counter by timer.

I have executed periph_blinky for testing timer1 that is working timer interrupt.

This example code working for 10Hz tick rate.

But It is not enough for My project.


I modified code for tick rate 8MHz(8000000) from 10 Hz(10) but I couldn't get 8MHz tick rate.


My project is working ADCHS that is 8MHz pulse counter by Hardware trigger of GPIO or SCT.

I am checking ADC external triggers in UM10503-User-Manual  (1357 Page )

If i configure 8MHz pulse counter of timer and selecting GIMA  It will be worked.

for GIMA register ( 454 pate )



1. How can i configure 8MHz pulse counter by timer?

- Please let me know step by step if you can , I am beginner for LPC4370 ^^


2. How can i check  pulse counter after setup 8MHz pulse counter ?

- Using toggled GPIO ?


3. if you have better idea for my project Please Let me know.

- I have to get analog result from scanner device which is external device and make analog signal by 8MHz clock

- the following timing chart is for scanner device. 

- Meaning is " I have to generate 8MHz clock and send to device.

- and that clock will be used hardware trigger for SYNC.