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SPI example code for DEVKIT-S12ZVC

Discussion created by Aaron Lee on May 17, 2017



The DEVKIT-S12ZVC_LAB5SPI.zip(in DEVKIT-S12ZVC-LAB.zip and DEVKIT-S12ZVC-QSP.zip) can not work.

The code create at 2016-07-18 10:05



I modify "Version: Driver 01.14" to "Rev.A"

  1. Modify ProcessorExpert.pe -> Components -> Init_LED:BitsIO -> PP4, PP5, PP6
  2. Add "#define Slave 1"
  3. Modify "#define LED_RED/GREEN/BLUE" from "PP2/3/4" to "PP4/5/6"



  1. Change device from SPI1(PS4:7) to SPI0(PS0:3)
  2. Change data width from 16-bit to 8-bit


I provide the code as attachments. It can work fine.




Original Attachment has been moved to: DevKit-S12ZVC_SPI_Lab5_RevA.rar

Original Attachment has been moved to: DevKit-S12ZVC_SPI_Lab5_RevB.rar