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QSPI FLASH write protect

Question asked by Ken Su on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by Carlos_Mendoza



I am using LPC1830, and I use the dfusec tool to download application image to QSPI flash , also I use dfusec tool to download other user data into flash to another location.


I have a question about QSPI write protection.


I use normal SPI(two SIO) in my other project, and I will use one GPIO to control the write protect pin.


This is my first time to use QPSI(4 SIO), I am not sure how to handle the "write protect".


Now I only use DFUSEC for my download tool.

1. I think the write protect enalbe/disable is handle by DFUSEC tool, it will use the SPIFI API for lock/unlock?

2. After DFUSEC tool complete the wrte, the QSPI will be in "write protect" status? Should I call lock api again?

3. If I write my download tool I need use SPIFI command in my tool, is my understanding correct?