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Cannot write EEprom via I2C on NT3H2111

Question asked by Bray Toot on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by Kan_Li

In the process of developing the firmware to read and write to the memory locations in the NT3H2111, I used
a driver that was not properly handling the address range for this part.  In the process of testing it, I corrupted
several locations that I had not intended to write to.  Now I am unable to write to address 1-58.  The driver that I
am using is able to write to the SDRAM locations (248->251) on this device.  I am able to run this firmware on another device and
it is properly working.  Since I am able to read and write data to the SDRAM locations I assume I have not changed
the I2C address but I am not sure since when I read what is stored in the first page at location 0, I read 00 instead
of 04. 

I assume I have locked all of the pages but I am not sure how to unlock each them.  I assume I could write to block address 0 and
change the static lock bytes.  I also assume I can write to block 56 and change the dynamic lock bytes.  So far I have not
been successful.  When I send data to the chip via the I2C, I get an ACK on the address and the block address but the first data
byte gives me a NAK. 

Is there a way to unlock the location?