Marc Leberger

Alternative to RFID when having metal interference with tags?

Discussion created by Marc Leberger on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by Bill Krakar

I have been tasked with the unique inventory project that involved asset management of tens of thousands of power cable of various gauge conductors and lengths including related equipment such as transformers, power panels etc.   These cables are typically rolled in bundles and stacked on top of each other filling a 4'x4'x3 material vault typically made of plastic.   The task was to ID each cable with its unique attributes including maintenance history and be able to accurately account for its where about without physical sort and identification.    Here in lies the problem.   While exploring a variety of RFID tags that were easy to install and did not create a handling issue we simply could not get a good reading from a hand held reader.    This was due to the interference of all the copper within the cables themselves.


I recently attended an RFID convention thinking that would be the place that would have a solutions if one existed.    I was extremely disappointed to find out the limits of the RFID tags which I experienced were industry wide.   Am I looking at the wrong technology who knows but I am still on the lookout to a solution to this problem.    If anyone has any solutions or recommendations please respond to this discussion.