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How to feed Disassembly code of the instructions in the source file in LPCXpressso IDE?

Question asked by HIMANSHU DOSHI on May 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by HIMANSHU DOSHI

Hello to all,

I would like to feed the dissembled code of the instructions in the source file.


I can see the disassembly (.dis) file by adopting an option "binary utilities -> dissamble" (this one was useful to see the disassembly code of written instructions in the in the source file.  


Instruction (in the source file)       Disassembled code


ADD R6,R5,#0x00000040         : f105 0640

NOP                                           : bf00

ADD R6,R5,#0x00000100         : f505 7680

ADD R6,R5,#0x00000A00        : f505 6610



But what, I want to do is just exactly the opposite of it. I want to feed the disassembled code in the source file and generate the corresponding Instructions, for eg. (f105 0640  should show me ADD R6, R5, #0x00000040).


Is it possible to perform such action in the LPCXpresso IDE???


Since, I am very much new to this area, ur input will be really helpful.


Thanks in advance,