KDS source filename case problems

Discussion created by romainbazile on May 12, 2017
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Hey everyone,



I'm using KDS under Linux Manjaro, and I stumbled on a filename case problems with the provided examples.


For example, it seems like the FSCI source files are all named 'FsciModule.ext'. Except when you load any of the example projects, the file linked is called 'FSCIModule.ext'. And of course, it won't be found in the filesystem.


The same problem exists with the files SPI.h, FSCICommands.h, FSCICommunicatioh.h and some others.


Basically, the source file will try to load SPI.h, except this file is named Spi.h in the project and doesn't exist on disk. With FSCI files it's the contrary, where the file on disk is named FSCISomething.h and in the project it tries to load FsciSomething.h.



Can this be corrected in the next version of the stack? It's quite annoying to have to reconfigure everything when trying to compile the examples.


A simple command shows the affected files:

grep -R "Spi.h" `find ./* -name ".project"`

However, it would be simpler to just rename the `SPI.h` file on disk to `Spi.h` and in the two source files referencing it (there are much more that references directly `Spi.h`):

./middleware/wireless/ieee_802_15_4_5.0.5/phy/source/XcvrSpi/SPI.c:#include "SPI.h"
./middleware/wireless/ieee_802_15_4_5.0.5/phy/source/MCR20A/MCR20Drv/MCR20Drv.c:#include "SPI.h"



For the FSCI files, it would be simpler to do the change in the affected '.project' files, they can be found with:

grep -R "/FSCIC" `find ./* -name ".project"`

Probably a clever sed one-liner command makes this change a 5 minutes job.