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OM25180FDK and NFC cockpit getting started

Question asked by Koen van de Ven on May 11, 2017
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How can the card supplied with the OM25180FDK be read?

What is the sequence of commands using NFC cockpit v3.7.0 FW: v3.6.0, EE 147.0.0?

I can't seem to find a getting started guide except AN11744.


I believe the supplied card that comes with the  OM25180FDK  is a type F card.

So my sequence (from the NFC cockpit log Monitor):

[2017.05.11 12:30:44]:INFO:TypeFCardViewModel:RM_F_212 Protocol loaded successfully.
[2017.05.11 12:30:47]:INFO:RfFieldControlService:RF On
[2017.05.11 12:30:49]:ERROR:RFProtocolTypeFService:GetIDmPMm : HAL,INTERNAL_ERROR


If this works I would like to read the NTAG 213 that will be integrated in a product of ours.

Any idea how I could accomplish this using the  OM25180FDK  and NFC cockpit v3.7.0 without having to write software?