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LPC1754 AHB SRAM Usage Issue

Question asked by Lonnie Walker on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by soledad

I am wanting to utilize the AHB SRAM for general purpose scratch pad memory and have run into an issue with some locations.   I am using the LPC1754 which its user manual indicates a range of 0x2007c000 to 0x20084000  is available.


When I read and write that memory range (with data 0x11111111) as a test, the test is okay until reaching location 0x2007CF70 where I receive a fault: Suspended : Signal : "SIGSTOP:Stopped (signal)" message with debugging.   It appears a memory dump shows the other  locations up to 0x2007CFFF are cleared to zeros.       Locations 0x2007D000 to 0x20083FFF appear to function as expected.


So, why would this block (0x2007cf70 to 0x2007CFFF cause a Signal??


I see nothing in either the User Manual or Data Sheet that there is a reserved range.   I am suspecting it has something to do with the debugger itself  is using this space somehow?   I am using LPC-Link2 to debug.


Thanks for any input you could lend to better understand what is going on-



Memory Dump of data write testI