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remoteproc (rpmsg/openAMP) between CPU and MCU in separate chips

Question asked by ssinfod on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by Carlos_Musich


I'm reading about remoteproc (rpmsg and openAMP):
RPMsg-Lite User's Guide: RPMsg Component
GitHub - NXPmicro/rpmsg-lite: RPMsg implementation for small MCUs
open-amp/openamp_ref.pdf at master · OpenAMP/open-amp · GitHub

It seems that remoteproc (rpmsg) is principally use when two CPU or when a CPU/MCU are inside the same silicon chip.
(ex: i.mx6 SoloX or i.mx7 or vybrid)

However, I would like to know if :
Is it possible to use RPMSG between an (external) Kinetis MCU and a (external) Single core i.mx6 ?
Is it possible to use RPMSG between two external Kinetis MCU ?

In short, does RPMSG / OpenAMP applies only to single silicon chip with multiple cores or can I use it between two separate chips ? What would be the best interface between these chips ? (UART or SPI ?)