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How to read OCOTP_MAC0/MAC to fec_main.c

Question asked by kalyan kodamagula on May 11, 2017
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Method 1 :


I had programmed OCOTP_MAC0 (21B_C620h) and OCOTP_MAC1(21B_C630h) registers(IMX6 dualite application processor) fusing method.Intention is to fix the mac address instead of getting random mac address.




I was assuming that in fec_main.c  function "fec_get_mac"   


 kernel command line method(fec.macaddr=) is same as ocotp fusing method, as below


* try to get mac address in following order:
* 1) module parameter via kernel command line in form
* fec.macaddr=0x00,0x04,0x9f,0x01,0x30,0xe0
iap = macaddr;



But dint read the mac address.Is my assumption is correct ? Please suggest how to read this from fec driver.