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Howto bring u-boot to imx6q sdcard image

Question asked by florian koenig on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by florian koenig


i can build a imx6qsabrelite fsl-image-machine-test image. When i add to IMAGE_FSTYPES the value "sdcard" it builds me sdcard images. But u-boot is missing on the sdcard image. 


I tried adding  IMAGE_BOOTLOADER = "u-boot"  and SDCARD= "/dev/sdd" to the bitbake variables but u-boot is still missing.


I tried also alot of other vars like UBOOT_CONFIG and so on, but no luck.


What do i need to build a sdcard image with u-boot included ?   It seemed that there is also a way to directly write the sdcard image after build ? If thats possible, what do i need todo to enable this ?