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Why Braoadcast mode error in Raw Data of ZGWUI for JN5179?

Question asked by benjamin chang on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by benjamin chang


We are trying to control JN5179 (with "ZigbeeNodeControlBridge_JN5179_COORDINATOR_115200.bin"), using (ZGWUI ZCB intf. host GUI, to toggle a light, as below log. If we use "On/Off Cluster", it works. But not work in "Braoadcast mode" of "Raw Data". Why?

I have check the code, but if goes to "APP_eApsProfileDataRequest()" function, and cannot be checked further as the Broadcast parameter is within the buffer. Please help!


On/Off Cluster [Short], Toggle ok

On/Off Cluster [Broadcast], Toggle ok

Raw Data- [Short] Toggle ok , [Broadcast] Toggle error