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EEPROM in MC9S12XEQ512 - How to configure and access read/write in EEPROM

Discussion created by Vignesh Alagappan on Aug 8, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2008 by Vignesh Alagappan
I'm using MC9S12XEQ512 variant which has 4k of EEPROM. Now, I'm not getting clear picture here, how to configure and perform read/write opertions in EEPROM.

We are migrating from MC9S12XDP512 to MC9S12XEQ512. Since earlier version had dedicated EEPROM module and set of registers to access the same, here, in new variant story is different. It would be great if any one can help in clarify my questions:

1. In section 3.1 of the S12XD and S12XE compatibility document, it seems very easy to access EEPROM since it is emulated as RAM of same size 4K. my question here is,
       1.1. How I have to read content from EEPROM?
       1.2. How I have to write the contents in EEPROM. Do I have to wait for message for write success?
       1.3. Where to mention the address for read/write (if any) -?

2.  Is there any difference between D-Flash and EEE? Do i have to worry about whether its D-Flash or EEE when writing in EEE.

May be my question seems to be awkward. I have used previous versions of EEPROM, where we have complete set of registers. we know, how and when to read/write in EEPROM.

It would be great if you any one can help in resolving the same.