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porting WEC7_v3.1.1.16(windows embedded compact) to iMX6Q SDB with sdcard

Question asked by bharath t s on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by bharath t s

Hi ,


   i was porting WEC7 _v3.1.1.16 to imx6q SDB & have downloaded the images from (Adeneo Embedded) & i was loading binaries using CFimager from freescale to SD card & i was not able to see any logs on the serial monitor...

i have executed the following commands in windows10

    1. cfimager.exe -f NK.nb0 -d E -imx53 -a 
Inline image

   2.  cfimager.exe -f EBOOT.nb0 -d E -imx53


After this i switched on the board by setting Boot mode switch to sd card boot & i was not able to any logs.....



kindly help by giving full procedure to boot iMX6Q_SDB with WEC7 / WCE2013...