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Not able to use MDEU with talitos

Question asked by jlsec on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by jlsec


I'm using a P1021 (SEC3.3.2) with a Linux Kernel 3.18. I have selected the Talitos option in the menuconfig and compiled the cryptodev 1.8.


During the kernel loading I can see that all algorithms are correctly registered.

To check if there is any performance improvement I use openssl compiled to use cryptodev (openssl speed -evp <algorithm>)


With aes-xxx-cbc I can see a significant improvement so I guess it's using the SEC.


The problem comes with all the hasing algorithms performed by the MDEU. With them there are no improvements and the performance is the same without cryptodev.


Is there any other way to check if talitos is working fine? Do I need to use other version of talitos?