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i.MX6ul efuse boot_cfg

Question asked by Hans Maiser on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by Hans Maiser

Hello together,


i would like to setup my custom board, to boot from eMMC.

In uBoot I found the fuse command.

What bank/word I have to write to access the boot_cfg[1/2/4]?

In ref manual 35.3.2 Fuse Shadow Memory Footprint I see 3 times boot_cfg at addr 0x05 to 0x07.

Does that mean bank 0 word 5/6/7 for boot_cfg[1/2/4]?

If yes, are bit 0 to 7 from boot_cfg[1] are found at bank 0 word 5 bit 0 to 7?


Greetings, Hans