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Setup PIL simulation using MBD for Kinetis V series

Question asked by Diogo Cacador on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by dumitru-daniel.popa
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Thanks for the extremely quickly reply Daniel.


My interest is in the KV31F series for BLDC/PMSM motor control.


I've noticed the Motor Control Toolbox for the K V series. I was just wondering if NXP plans to update it to  v2, i.e. the Model Based Design Toolbox, which seems to be the most up to date toolbox. The reason I ask is because I'm not being able to setup PIL simulation using that toolbox, nor use the FreeMaster tool, while building any of the provided examples.


I'm using the GCC toolchain and the default linker script was not set properly, which I had to manually edit in the template makefile in order to get it to link properly. Once that was done, if I enabled either PIL or FreeMaster, which uses the UART peripheral to communicate, Matlab was not able to generate the code from the provided examples as it fails to build. I'll attach a screenshot of the errors reported below.


 Matlab eroor when UART peripheral is being linked


Could you provide some help?


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