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Custom board i.MX6ULL wrong DRAM size in U-Boot

Question asked by Alexander Lampret on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by Alexander Lampret

Hello everyone,


I need support regarding DRAM size in U-Boot for my custom i.MX6ULL board.

I'm using a MT41K64M16 as DRAM with 1GB, but U-Boot shows just 128MB.

I've used I.MX6UL_DDR3_Script_Aid_V0.02 for configuration. Is there a difference between UL and ULL or am I able to use this script for ULL too?

Stresstest works fine with 128MB RAM. I tried increasing MMDC0_MDCTL to 0x03180000 and U-Boot showed 256MiB DRAM, but stress test failed.


My configuration (.cfg file of my board):

/* MMDC */
DATA 4 0x021b0004 0x0002002D // MMDC0_MDPDC
DATA 4 0x021b0008 0x1B333030 // MMDC0_MDOTC
DATA 4 0x021b000c 0x2B2F5333 // MMDC0_MDCFG0
DATA 4 0x021b0010 0xB68D0B63 // MMDC0_MDCFG1
DATA 4 0x021b0014 0x01FF00DB // MMDC0_MDCFG2

DATA 4 0x021b0018 0x00211740 // MMDC0_MDMISC
DATA 4 0x021b001c 0x00008000 // MMDC0_MDSCR
DATA 4 0x021b002c 0x000026D2 // MMDC0_MDRWD
DATA 4 0x021b0030 0x002F1023 // MMDC0_MDOR
DATA 4 0x021b0040 0x00000043 // Chan0 CS0_END
DATA 4 0x021b0000 0x82180000 // MMDC0_MDCTL

DATA 4 0x021b0890 0x00400a38 // MPPDCMPR2


Thank you very much for your help!


Best regards,