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MPC8309 JTAG initialization failure

Question asked by sreehari cp on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by sreehari cp

Hi all,

       I have designed my custom board with MPC8309. I have selected boot from NOR  flash i.e., RESET_CONFIG_SOURCE  = "0000". I am trying to program uboot bin file using USB code warrior tool. But, it is showing initialization failure.What could be the reason?


When discussed with NXP forum, they suggested to select RESET_CONFIG_SOURCE [0:3] is ="1000" and program uboot bin file at the location 0xFE000000.Then fix the RESET_CONFIG_SOURCE [0:3] ="0000". With this USB code warrior tool detects the board and we are able to program the uboot and its working fine.


Is their any option which avoids this switching from RESET_CONFIG_SOURCE [0:3] = 1000 to RESET_CONFIG_SOURCE [0:3] =0000?