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LPC18xx USB CDC Demo causes hard fault

Question asked by Yuanbin Zhou on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by Yuanbin Zhou

Hi all,

We are currently evaluating USB CDC function on LPC1837 NGX evaluation board and using demo downloaded from LPCOpen Software for LPC18XX|NXP .  The cdc_uart project has been successfully compiled in my computer and can be downloaded into the target with JTAG . However that demo cannot run successfully in my evaluation board since I cannot find any USB-to-UART device in my computer. When I use JLink to debug the code, I found that "USBD_API->cdc->init" in vcom_init always cause the hard fault. Notice that "init" function will call rom usb driver, so it seems that this problem is related to boot room driver? Any ideas on how to solve those kinds of problem? The value of registers when chip enter into the hard fault are listed below: