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Virtual Com Port driver for the TWR-K53N512:

Question asked by Raymundo Barrales on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by Raymundo Barrales

Hi there:


   I'm working with the TWR_K53N512 and the MED-GLU application. Firsts steps were ok, but when proceeding to the virtual com port driver installation for the TWR-SERV board, a Win 8 window appears and says the driver was found, but an error has occurred because de INF archive has no information about digital firm. I'm installing the driver from C:\Freescale\Medical GUI\Drivers\x64 and all TWR_SERV jumper positions has been checked (J10=1–2, J16=3–4, J2=1–2). I hope someone colud help me to fix this problem, please...Atached the window message...Thanks in advance for the attention and regards...