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RPMsg on i.MX6 SoloX and Embedded Artist board

Question asked by Quentin DUHAMEL on May 9, 2017



I'm trying to test freescale's rpmsg demo file "str_echo_freertos" but having some issues.

I'm using an evaluation board from Embedded Artist (iMX6 SoloX Developer's Kit) with the imx6 solo x.

I've a linux kernel (3.14.52) and the app I want to test comes with the FreeRTOS BSP 1.0.1.


I've already compiled applications which worked (like a test of the uart from a FreeRTOS app on TCM) but can't make rpmsg working. (By the way, I've made the modifications on the pin_mux.c file to fix the UART2 settings).


What I've done:

I've replaced the former dtb with the imx6sxea-com-kit-m4.dtb with the command '=> setenv fdt_file imx6sxea-com-kit-m4.dtb '

I've put my image with the command '=> setenv m4image myImage.bin'

Then I've run the following instructions :

=> fatload mmc 1 0x00910000 myImage.bin

=>dcache flush

=>cp.b 0x00910000 0x7f8000 0x8000

=>dcache flush

=>bootaux 0x7f8000


On the m4 hyperterminal I can see then :

RPMSG String Echo FreeRTOS RTOS API Demo

RPMSG Init as Remote


Finally, I boot the A9 core from the u-boot menu with 'boot' and i load the rpmsg module with 'insmod imx_rpmsg_tty.ko' and I get :

imx_rpmsg_tty rpmsg0: new channel: 0x400 -> 0x0!
Install rpmsg tty driver!



Nothing happens on the M4 side, even when I test a 'echo hello > /dev/ttyRPMSG'


What am I missing ?


I add my boot log in attachment




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