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S12ZVM PMF internal signal

Question asked by Ikki Shingu on May 9, 2017
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I have a question about S12ZVM PMF internal signal.

I refer S12ZVM RM rev2.11.


There is the description on Chapter15(PMF) that

"pmf_reload_is_async" serves as a qualifier to the PMF reload event signal "pmf_reloada".


On the other hand, there is another description on Chapter1 Figure 1-9. Internal Control Loop Configuration

that "reload" and "async_reload" signals outputs from PMF modules.


I can understand two patterns as follows.

1) "reload" = "pmf_reloada"

    "async_reload" = "pmf_reload_is_async"


2) "reload" = "pmf_reloada"

    "async_reload" = "pmf_reloada" ^ "pmf_reload_is_async" (logical conjunction)


Which is correct?


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