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Documentation flat cable connector ?

Question asked by Patrick Klokowski on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by Rita Wang

Hello everyone,


i'm not able to find the right documentation for my type of board (png: picOfCon).


it is exactly my board illustrated. However the docu SCM-IMX6DQ?tab=Design_Tools_Tab

seems to refer to a version of the board with a different connector in that area where my flat cable connector is (png: wrong board).

On page 12 of the schematic pdf "SPF-28927-D" there is the pin configuration explained. But not for my kind of flat cable connector with 15 pins. On my board is a sticker with the following information "700-28927 REV X2 , SCH-28927 REV B3 , 04/14/16 35960-0093" if it helps. I would like to get the documentation of this board version (or just this connector).


Best regards