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How can i set up to create CLOCK for External (CLKOUT)?

Question asked by LEE Young Jae on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by jeremyzhou

Dear friend,


Working Environment.

Testing Board : LPC-LINK2

MCU : LPC4370

Develop Tools : LPCXpresso (free) and LPCOpen (demo code)

Main Test Interface : ADCHS

Main Test Peripheral : LINE SCANNER by ADCHS


I am working to testing ADCHS on LPC-link2 board that is using LPC4370 MCU.

My result is the following after analysis of MY project.

  •      I have to get ADCHS value from LINE SCANNER that is working 8MHz clock. So I have to create external clock for LINE_SCANNER
  •     This Clock will be connected to ADCHS external triggers for triggering.
    • I saw Manual (UM10503-USER-Manual) section 48.7.6 and Section 18.4.25


Please let me your solution to create clock for LPC4370 in LPC-link2 board.

  1.      Am I right analysis for connecting and getting ADCHS with LINE SCANNER ?
  2.       I am doing to create Clock which is 8MHz to out CLKOUT (P1_19 port)
    1.      How can I set up to make 8MHz clock that will be route P1_19 for CLKOUT ?