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How to connect OLED C Click with Warp 7 by 3.3V PIN

Question asked by IoTie New on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by IoTie New

I'm using OLED C Click display connect with Warp7 by 3.3V PIN.

Currently, we can not power on for OLED C Click display.

We found out that 3.3V PIN of Warp7 is disabled (do not have electricity)

We tried to used sample / libraries of OLED C Click display

(Provided by support site OLED C click - carries the PSP27801 OLED display | MikroElektronika )

(Libraries site: LibStock - OLED C click )

Result: SSH Terminal screen only display some lines of characters (Unknown character - like they are wrong encoded)


- Why 3.3V PIN of warp7 is disabled by default ? 

- How can we enable 3.3V PIN of warp7 (by programming or manual)

- do OLED display need special driver or packages ?



- Warp7 with Yocto Linux (core-image-base)

- Sample application is *.bin file