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warp7 can not output power for OLED C Click (OLED Display connect with 3.3V PIN)

Question asked by IoTie New on May 8, 2017

I'm using warp7. In current status, warp7 official display do not come out, then we use alternative display.

We choose OLED C Click (OLED C click - carries the PSP27801 OLED display | MikroElektronika )

But when we plug into warp7, OLED display do not show anything.

When we check, we see that OLED display is connecting by 3.3V PIN but 3.3V PIN of Warp7 is not enabled (do not have electricity)

We tried to run some sample of Mikroe but it is still failed (run *.bin file on warp7). SSH Terminal screen is showing some lines with unknown character (may be miss encoding)


- Is there any packages that we need to install on Yocto Linux ?

- Do we need to install or create any driver ?

- or something else that will help us turn on OLED display



- Warp7 - Yocto Linux (core-image-base)

- Sample libraries for OLED Display is here: LibStock - OLED C click 

- We use picocom to connect to warp7

- We transfer file via wifi

- We run *.bin file by run command on Ubuntu