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Do it need supply power to VDDARM23_IN_x for IMX6DUAL?

Question asked by 翔李 on May 8, 2017
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1:Do it need supply power to VDDARM23_IN_x for IMX6DUAL?If I supply 1.34V to VDDARM23_In_x,the power is 1.1A@12V when the cpu is no software and is not running,If I do not supply 1.34V to VDDARM23_in_x,it is 0.1A@12V.


Is it necessary to not stuff C252 C253 C254 C270,and C271 C272 C273 C256 C257 R305 when I use IMX6 DUAL?



2:Is it roght to do the following,,,when using the i.MX 6 Dual and the i.MX 6 SoloLite processors, VDDARM_CAP should be split from VDDARM23_CAP and the VDDARM23_CAP pins should be connected to ground.