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How to Set Security in ZGWUI for JN5179?

Question asked by benjamin chang on May 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by benjamin chang

We are trying to change a ZigBee 3.0 network's "NETWORK KEY" and "LINK KEY", by using ZGWUI tool in jn-an-1216. We flashed "ZigbeeNodeControlBridge_JN5179_COORDINATOR_115200.bin" to Carrier board + Generic Expansion board (DR1199) + JN5179 module. Then running ZGWUI, Set CMSK, Set EPID, Set Security & Key, and Start Network. Another set of Carrier board + LL/Sensor board (DR1175) + JN5179 module is flashed with "DimmableLight_JN5179_DR1175.bin". Join the network, and can be controlled by selecting "On/Off Cluster".


Now we are trying to change network's "NETWORK KEY" and "LINK KEY", by selecting Set Security & Key in ZGWUI. The status is ok, but we wonder if it really works? We tried several combinations to the parameters, but seems in vain. The light can still be on/off in all cases we tried.


The command's parameters are itselfs ambiguous. The 1st parameter combo box has 5 selections for either NETWORK KEY and LINK KEY. The 2nd one seems to be a length, and the 3rd one should be the KEY.

We check the project code, and found the parameter is further changed.

Tried to dig further into ZPS_vAplSecSetInitialSecurityState(), but found only function names in .h. No function body of .c. Only to found possible related part of program, still no comment,

We checked JN-AN-1216 App Note for Serial protocol, and JN-UG-3113 for ZigBee Security, but still cannot figure out how to change Network Security of an existing network using ZGWUI? What is the correct procedure?

Please help.