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Debug Instance freezes after breakpoint when using FreeRTOS TAD

Question asked by Michael Lamberti on May 5, 2017
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I converted our project from LPCXpresso to MCUXpresso and enabled FreeRTOS TAD following the "MCUXpresso IDE FreeRTOS Debug Guide". The TAD works fine as I can see all tasks, their stack usage and runtime. But when I set a breakpoint and the debug instance halts I cannot continue execution afterwards. There is no error message, execution just does not continue and I cannot use "step into/over" or suspend/terminate in the panel. Buttons grey out and keep grey.


"Terminate" in the context menu of the Debug perspective works, but results in the LinkServer reporting

"No debug targets available


All SWD targets are currently connected to other debug sessions."

on further starts of a debug session.


A restart of MCUXpresso is required to run the application again.


If I disable TAD via the macro 


everthing works fine, but the TAD is not available.


Also I noticed that setting a breakpoint while a debug session is active and running gives the error "Breakpoint installation failed: suspend operation timeout.".


I am using the LPC1758 on our own evaluation board dLAN® Green PHY eval board II - devolo Business Solutions  and LPC-Link 2 debugger.

FreeRTOS is version 9.0.0.


Regards, Michael