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MCUXpresso Config Tools eclipse project file not generated

Question asked by Yusuf Husainy on May 6, 2017

Hi All,


On creating a new MKW41Z configuration or using an existing one from the SDK examples, the '.cproject' file and other files required by the eclipse based MCUXpresso IDE do not get generated. The source files that do get generated are board, startup and application main.c, besides that, the selected driver files in the 'Project Configuration' view of the Config tools do not get copied in to the destination project path.


The tools version are as follows on my PC:

MCUXpresso IDE:"MCUXpresso IDE v10.0.0 [Build 344] [2017-03-21] "

MCUXpresso Config Tools: Version 3.0



See attached '.mex' file.


Any Help is appreciated!



Yusuf Husainy.

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