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MPC8349 Reset Configuration Words Problem

Question asked by SCOTT COLEMAN on Aug 7, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2008 by Juan Antonio Medina Guerrero
Hi all,

We have a new board we're trying to bring up. It's based on the MPC8349, and has a 32MB flash chip attached to CS0 on the local bus. The micro is configured to read its HRCWs from this flash. We flashed the HRCWs into the first 64 bytes of the flash using a standalone flash programming tool, and we can read the values back successfully using this tool. However, when we look at the registers in the micro using our Wind River ICE JTAG/COP debugger, both the low and the high HRCW registers show up as 0x00000000.

Using the WRICE we can change the values of LBLAWBAR0/LBLAWAR0/BR0/OR0 to make the flash accessible, but when we dump memory in the flash's memory window we see the low order 16 bits correctly but the high order 16 bits are always 0000. It seems the 8349 is reading these 0's during the hard reset and of course nothing is working correctly.

Any ideas as to why the 8349 is apparently unable to read this flash? If it matters, the flash is a Spansion S29GL256P.

Thanks for your help!! We're pulling our hair out over here. :smileyhappy: