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Real-world SPIFI *write* performance?

Question asked by zzzmqp on May 7, 2017
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I have a LPC43xx running at full speed and get SGPIO data in at about 200Mbit/s (25MB/s). I need to store samples for a couple of seconds which requires at least 64 MB, if possible much more, amount of memory for storage.


Storing to internal RAM works fine, but it's only about 64-128 kB at most.


All interfaces that require a driver and file system are too slow (USB host, SD card).


External SDRAM (at 32bit EMC) comes close, but can't quite keep up.


So now I'm looking at SPIFI, especially the S25FL512S device. NXP marketing material indicates a 52MB/s bidirectional (read and write) interface to a SPIFI part. I've seen tests that confirm a 40-45 MB/s read performance...  but what about writes...?


Will any external SPIFI part ever get me a ~25 MB/s write performance? If not, any other ideas how write 64+MB of data at 25 MB/s from a LPC43xx controller?