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NFC enable mobile is not detecting with PN532

Question asked by kandha samy on May 6, 2017

    We are using PN532 in our new design instead of PN531. All the NFC tags are working fine with PN532. But NFC enabled mobile is not working properly with PN532 whereas it was working fine with PN531.

1) SAM configuration is added extra in PN532. By default it won't generate RF signal unless we give SAM Config. We enabled as normal mode. All the tags such as mifare cl, NT213, desfire are working fine.

2) NFC enabled mobile is not detecting properly with PN532. Say out of 10 taps, only once it detects or it detects very rarely. There is no issue with the hardware since all the tags are detecting properly all the time.

2) We never faced any issue with PN531 as for as NFC mobile is concerned.

    Do we need to do any extra configuration to make the mobile work with PN532?