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i.MX6 Dumb PMIC (DP_EN)

Question asked by Atilla Mete Turedi on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by igorpadykov

Hello NXP,


Quick question: i.MX6 DP_EN is cleared by default which sets it in to Dumb PMIC mode. If I connect a mechanical switch to ONOFF pin which is Normally Openand I press it, this will be mirrored to the PMIC_ON_REQ pin which will go high.


First question: If the PF0100 is set to level detection (not edge detection) in PWRON pin, which needs this pin to be high all the time it operates, when you deapply the switch, what happens to the PMIC_ON_REQ pin? Does it go low? In that case won't the PMIC be powered down which is unwanted? 


Second question: If the above is incorrect and PMIC_ON_REQ stays high even if switch is deapplied, what happens on the next press? Can I turn it of this way?


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